Jesse Colburn


When you’re born in Toronto, raised in Ajax, and spend your late teens playing guitar around the world with Avril Lavigne what do you do next? For Jesse the answer was easy. Move to Germany to co-produce a musical love story set against the backdrop of a distant-future, POW camp, and set to the soundtrack of Milli Vanilli. But as it has been said, the easy answer isn’t always the best one. “Baby Don’t Forget My Prison Number”, as it was originally titled, was plagued with production issues, creative differences (see Aaron Verdonk) and more importantly a complete lack of public interest. Running for only one night, the show was a monumental failure. One reviewer wrote, “You can blame it on the rain, or whatever other excuse they have, but this show is the most shameful thing to come out of Germany.” He was the kindest.

Jesse soon returned to Toronto and to what he does best – writing platinum selling singles. He is currently composing for film, television and radio as well as writing and producing for various artists.