Fraser MacDougall



Let’s be honest, no one visits a music website to read composer bios, so click here to hear our reel again. Of course, if you truly are interested in the life and time of Fraser MacDougall, sit down, loosen your belt and kick off your shoes. He would. James Fraser MacDougall was born on the fifth day of December, nineteen hundred and sixty five. The eldest offspring of Scottish parents, Fraser was conceived and subsequently reared in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, and can provide both documentation and wardrobe to support this. Musicologists might characterize MacDougall as a thoughtful mélange of jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and engineering genius Allan Parsons. Musicologists would be wrong. A more accurate imagining paints MacDougall as a fallen New Wave ingénue with a short attention span. The solitary and restricted-format nature of commercial composition then, offers a suitable outlet for Fraser’s considerable musical talents. To hear proof (of the music at least) click here, and enjoy.