Corinne Murray

Executive Producer

corinneCorinne Murray, as her name would suggest, is a bit of a dichotomy. Take her first name, Corinne, for example. It’s delicate, pretty, very feminine, almost suggestive of a princess. Yes, Princess Corinne of Somewhereth, being wooed by her Sir Lancelot. Romantic, isn’t it? But, then there is her second name, Murray. In essence, an old, grumpy, hairy-eared, flatulent storekeeper. Now put them together. That’s right; Princess Murray of Wind-A-Lot. Now, you’re probably asking, “So how did this person even get a job as a Studio Manager, here at Imprint?” Well, we found that Corinne’s “princess” manner is perfect when it comes to entertaining clients and asking them for money. And the grumpy, hairy-eared shopkeeper side is perfect for entertaining clients and asking them for money, when they fail to pay within 60 days. Not to mention her “performances” in the foley room whenever we need a whoopee cushion sound effect but don’t want to pay for it. Day to day, however, our clients are treated to the “Princess”, complete with a warm, inviting smile, friendly banter and perhaps even a humorous story or two. Be sure to ask her about the one where she once made love all night long, inside the belly of a gutted bull seal.