Michael White


michaelTrumpet player, composer, arranger, analog synth programmer, conductor, computer nerd, and…hockey dad. You know, “hockey dad”. One of those dads who spends every weekend morning at a chilly community rink, or on the road to a round robin somewhere. One of those guys who yells “c’mon ref!” a little too loudly and a little too often from the stands. Guys whose aggressive and often violent displays have added the term ‘rink rage’ to the Canadian vernacular. A problem so rampant in this country, that Federal and Provincial governments now spend millions of our tax dollars to create and air television ads to try and contain the damage and hurt brought about by rink rage. That’s right, millions of our hard earned tax dollars! Well, thank you Mr. Michael White. Mr. “Hockey Dad”. Thank you very, very much. Jerk.